Daily Prompt: Tenterhooks

I admit that the word tenterhook left me puzzled. Google I did and I read many definitions to this word. I absorbed the word and thought how in the hell can I blog on this 18th century contraption. It was about 15 minutes later as I got…I mean fought my children to bathe and ready themselves for bed that it dawned on me. I am emotionally and physically submerged in motherhood. By the end of my day I’m drenched with doubt, worry, chores that have no end, dishes, laundry and the 6000 other things that need to be done by 6am. My family stretches me out and attaches me to our family tenterhook, to dry me out and be ready to pull me from my drying state just to have my emotional and physical fabric for the upcoming day. I’ve been submerged, stretched and dried so often that my edges are fraying. Modern advancements have rid the world almost completely of tenterhook however it still feels very relative to my life.



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